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Introducing Heads Up!

Date : 04 February 2021

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This week sees the launch of Heads Up, our new site dedicated to highlighting real fires and the often unexpected ways they can start. This site replaces our existing Black Museum web page.  

Heads Up contains a catalogue of case studies ranging from chip pan fires through to fires caused by wheat bags! We are unveiling the site to highlight potential causes of fire and important safety messages that the public may not be aware of.

Each case study details:

  • How the fire started  
  • The effect it had
  • The cause (where known) 

Heads Up also contains useful information, advice and guidance on sprinklers together with up to date product recall information.

Providing fire safety advice to the public

The site was created to be used in various ways, including providing firefighters and Home Safety Visit teams with another tool to use when providing fire safety advice to the public.  Links to the website can be passed on to residents so that they can see for themselves some of the things that we in the Fire and Rescue Service are already aware of.  

It is hoped that the website may also prompt businesses to upgrade fire precautions, as they see the benefits of good fire precautions in some of our example cases.  

Unusual and surprising circumstances

Duncan Holloway, Fire Investigation Manager said “I believe it is essential for a person to have an understanding of the conditions in which a fire can take hold to protect themselves and their families. The new Heads Up website brilliantly highlights these safety messages and I would, in particular, recommend members of the public to browse the case study section to get an understanding of the often unusual and surprising circumstances in which a fire can take hold.” 

The site contains case studies from around the UK and can be used by all fire services to help inform and educate members of public and businesses.  

You can visit the Heads Up website here.


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