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New sign after serious collision

Date : 13 July 2021

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Battle Community Fire Station and Sussex Police have worked together to help road users stay safe in Bodiam.

A new sign reminding users of the speed limit is now on display following a serious road traffic collision by Park Farm Camping.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and police were called to Junction Road on the afternoon of 23 June 2021 after two cars collided.

Fortunately there were no injuries on this occasion but locals asked if there was anything which could be done to help make drivers aware of the dangers of the road.

Hidden dangers 

It’s important to remember that speed is often a factor in collisions and the simple act of taking it slowly can mean you avoid a costly mistake.

These are some of the common causes of road traffic collisions.

• Sharp bends mean you don’t necessarily know what’s around the corner or if there will be oncoming traffic.

• You are much more likely to come across slower moving road users such as farm vehicles, cyclists and horse riders so stay alert.

• If there’s been heavy rainfall, roads in rural areas often become flooded. 

• Mud, along with wet leaves that can accumulate on the road, can be incredibly slippery in wet conditions.


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