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Sprinkler system prevents serious fire damage

Date : 04 February 2021

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A sprinkler system installed in a residential property in Peasmarsh has prevented serious fire damage.

Firefighters from Rye, Hastings and The Ridge were called to attend a kitchen fire at a residential property in Peasmarsh at 14:29 yesterday.

Upon arrival, firefighters found a small fire which had emanated from a chip pan.  The sprinklers system stopped a small fire quickly spreading throughout the building. Crews used a Positive Pressure Ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke. 

Crews administered o2 to one resident who was later handed over in to the care of SECAMB.

Sprinklers Save Lives

Fire Services urge people to install sprinklers due to how well they can contain and control any fire as well as raise the alarm.

Sprinklers can be fitted in all different types of buildings including offices, factories and homes and if fitted during construction can typically cost just 2% of the overall build cost which is roughly the cost of carpeting.

Sprinklers can significantly help reduce the risk of death and injury from fire, protect property and stock. Unwanted activations are extremely rare and only those sprinkler heads immediately above a fire will activate, therefore water damage is minimised.

For more information, including how sprinklers work and costs, visit our dedicated sprinklers page.

Sprinklers do more than people realise

They safeguard:   

  • people
  • firefighters
  • jobs
  • homes
  • businesses 
  • the economy
  • the environment   



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