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Bikers - share your Tales of the Road

Date : 04 April 2022

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is launching a new online survey to help understand the experiences of bikers on our roads.

It’s the second time the Service has run the survey. It aims to capture some of the stories from the perspective of the biker. It asks how long people have been riding bikes, whether they have had a near miss or a road traffic collision and what advice would bikers give other road users.

The short survey – which will be open for six weeks until 23 May 2022 - can be found at: 


According to the Sussex  Safer Road Partnership in 2021, 4 people died and nearly 300 more were injured in East Sussex, and Brighton and Hove in incidents involving riders or pillion passengers on motorcyles. (https://ssrp.shinyapps.io/dataportal/

Matt Lloyd, Assistant Director of Safer Communities at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said:

“The last survey found two simple thing could make roads safer.

Firstly we ask that road users look and look again to check who else is on the road before turning, overtaking or carrying out any other moves.

The second is that we all remember that under the crash helmet is a real person with a job, commitments, a valued place in their community – and loved ones who are waiting for them to come home.”

Advice for bikers

•Position yourself in the safest and best place to maximise your visibility of potential hazards.

•Take a ‘lifesaver’ glance over your shoulder before carrying out manoeuvres, so you know where other vehicles are.

•Make sure to wear the right gear. Fall off your bike and tarmac will shed your jeans in seconds. Bikers must wear a protective jacket, gloves, boots and trousers.

•Wear bright florescent gear during the day and reflective gear at night.

•Choosing the right helmet could help save your life. Sharp ratings help you understand how much protection a helmet offers in a crash. Visit the SHARP website. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/ 

•Consider further skills training to improve your performance, confidence and safety on the road. RideFree is a new DVSA digital rider theory course. The free, voluntary scheme is aimed at new riders and contains a series of 6 online modules to be taken by the learner rider before they complete their CBT. Access RideFree here. https://safedrivingforlife.dvsalearningzone.co.uk/ridefree/user/login 


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