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Candle fire close call in Lewes

Date : 13 June 2022


Following an incident we attended last night, East Sussex Fire and Rescue are reminding people to be very mindful when using candles.

At 23:23, we were called to attend a residential property on St Nicholas Lane, Lewes following reports of a fire.  Firefighters from Lewes attended. 

The fire occurred when candles that were placed around a bath, accidently set fire to the shower curtain which then spread to a roller blind. With this extra fuel, the fire started to spread into the wooden window frame. Thankfully the fire was extinguished before it could spread any further but this could have easily caused a very serious fire.

Andy Watson Watch Manager (Green Watch) said “Candles play a big part in peoples lives for relaxation, ambience or even spiritual reasons but it is vitally important that people use candles safely. Please ensure that the candles are in proper holders and away from combustible materials. Thankfully the occupier had working smoke alarms that raised the alarm so please test yours!”

Home Safety Visits

If you have any questions about candle or other fire safety issues in the home, we offer a free Home safety check service and can even supply you with new smoke alarms if required!

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