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Candle Safety Warning following Bexhill Flat Fire

Date : 07 March 2022


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is issuing a candle safety warning, following a flat fire in Bexhill.

The incident happened during the recent power outage when a candle was accidentally knocked over, after being lit during a power cut. A number of homes were left without power, following the recent storms.

Bexhill Community Fire Station Crew Manager Tristan Fawkes said: “There have been a number of power cuts across Bexhill and we would like to inform the local public of the dangers of candles in the home, following a recent fire. The people involved in this incident were very lucky to come out unharmed.”

Going forward, residents are advised to take extra care when using candles within the home.

If in darkness, torches are advised for lighting but if you need to use candles please follow safety advice. 

Candles may seem a harmless aesthetic addition to your home but if left unattended, they can cause a serious house fire, resulting in personal injury, property damage, or even worse.

Some people are unaware that if you do not place a candle in a heat-resistant holder and on a stable surface that the heat can quickly burn through plastic, or other material, creating a fire which could quickly become out of control.

If a naked flame is placed too close to curtains or home furnishings, then a fire can quickly take hold and rapidly spread throughout a home.

It is so important to remember to extinguish candles when nobody is in the room, or when going to bed to ensure they have been fully extinguished. Also, it is imperative to fit a working smoke alarm to give you the best chance of escaping should there be a fire in the home.” 


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