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Do Not Travel Due to Rare Red Weather Warning

Date : 18 February 2022

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Weather alert

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is currently monitoring the severe, rare weather conditions, following the Met Office’s latest alert.

This warning means potential risk to life and the emergency services advice is to stay indoors, stay safe and do not travel, unless you must.

Duty Officer Simon Neill said: “This is reported as being the worst winds in 30 years, which could result in external fixings to buildings coming loose or scaffold collapsing without notice. Already, several trees have fallen down.

 “We are advising the public to stay indoors for your own safety. Additionally, anything mobile in the garden, such as trampolines and bins should either be moved to a protective area, or tethered down.

 “Met Office are predicting winds of 70MPH inland and in excess of 80MPH along the coastline”

 “Currently, we have sufficient resources across the county and we are in a really good position in terms of any required response to keep the public safe. Most importantly, the message is – do not travel and stay inside”

 Additionally, under no circumstances should you go swimming in the sea and stay away from coastal areas and water edges. Storm surges combining with the wind and make water and the water’s edge unpredictable and dangerous. 


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