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Invitation to Fire Authority meeting

Date : 01 June 2022

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We would like to invite you to attend our next Fire Authority meeting on Thursday 9th June at 10:30am. 

The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber, County Hall, East Sussex County Council, St Anne's Crescent, Lewes.

Items covered during the meeting include:

  • Election of Chairperson
  • Election of Vice Chairperson
  • Banking Arrangements - changes to authorised signatories
  • Treasury Management - Stewardship Report for 2021/22
  • Procurement Strategy Refresh 2022-2025

Details of how to attend and the full agenda can be found here.

Information for the public

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service actively welcomes members of the public and the press to attend public sessions of its Fire Authority and Panel meetings. If you have any particular requirements, for example if you require wheelchair access or an induction loop, please contact democraticservices@esfrs.org for assistance.

About the Fire Authority

The primary duties of the Fire Authority are:-                        

  • To provide a Fire Service and to ensure its efficiency
  • To provide the efficient training of members of the Service
  • To ensure that efficient mobilising and communications arrangements exist
  • To make arrangements to obtain information needed for firefighting purposes
  • To make arrangements to ensure that the steps are taken to mitigate damage to property through firefighting
  • To make arrangements to provide fire safety advice
  • To make arrangements to give mutual assistance to other Fire Services
  • To ensure that adequate water supplies are available for firefighting purposes

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