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Newhaven firefighters take stand on road safety

Date : 11 April 2022

Firefighters at Newhaven Community Fire Station are focusing on road safety as Easter begins.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has attended a number of serious incidents in recent weeks, most recently a road traffic collision involving a bus and car. 

It happened on the morning of 5 April 2022, with crews from Newhaven, Lewes and Preston Circus fire stations attending.

One person was released from the car and handed into the care of the ambulance service after both the car and the bus left the road. 

Newhaven firefighters are now working with Sussex Police on raising awareness of road safety, and attended The Big Park event as part of ongoing efforts to help reduce incidents. The Service is backing Operation Downsway, where specialist police officers from the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit (RPU) provide education and enforcement with two main aims: to target offenders and to keep everyone safe on our roads.

Station Manager Scott Saunders said:

“Everyone on the roads can do their bit to ensure we all get to our destinations safely. Simple things like slowing down and checking mirrors properly make a real difference. With the Easter getaway weekend coming up, we ask that everyone remembers to allow more time and be patient with other road users.”

Fatal four

The fatal four are the most common causes of road accidents, yet, very easy to avoid. 

1.Speeding - stay within the speed limit and slow down when the weather is poor or on country roads when you don’t know what’s around the corner.

2.Always wear a seatbelt and make sure everyone else in your vehicle is wearing them too.

3.Never drive while under the influence of drink or drugs. If you’re out for the night, choose a designated driver or get a taxi or public transport.

4.Mobile phones – it’s illegal to hold and use a phone, sat nav, tablet, or any device that can send or receive data, while driving or riding a motorcycle. This means you must not use a device in your hand for any reason, whether online or offline. For example, you must not text, make calls, take photos or videos, or browse the web. https://www.gov.uk/using-mobile-phones-when-driving-the-law  


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