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We are supporting Home Fire Safety Week

Date : 13 June 2022

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As the cost of living soars across the UK, the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and East Sussex Fire and Rescue are urging people to take fire safety precautions in the home to stay safe.

We are supporting NFCC’s national Home Fire Safety Week (13th-19th June) which aims to keep people safer from fire in their homes. NFCC is concerned that people may put themselves at additional risk as the cost of living increases and remind people to buy, charge and run electrical products safely and ensure they keep warm safely. By taking a few simple steps, people can reduce their risk of fire in the home. NFCC is also urging people not to take additional risks and be alert to how simple measures could save lives and reduce injuries.

The week of action is supported by fire and rescue services across the UK and covers a range of areas, such as electrical safety, the dangers of illegal cigarettes and the offer of home safety fire checks and fire safety advice from East Sussex Fire and Rescue.

Product safety alerts and recalls

People are being urged to buy electrical produces from reputable retailers – and to always sign up to the national product safety alerts and recalls, https://www.gov.uk/product-safety-alerts-reports-recalls and always to register appliances.

Online home safety tool

This year’s campaign will also highlight how fire and rescue services use an approach which puts people at the heart of their work to reduce fires in the home. This ‘person-centred approach’ underpins NFCC’s online home fire safety check tool. By using the online home safety tool, people can explore whether they – along with loved ones or neighbours – could be at greater risk from fire. This innovative tool offers help and advice and can found at https://www.safelincs.co.uk/hfsc/. Older relatives and neighbours could be vulnerable and at a higher risk in the home and would benefit from a ‘safe and well’ visit from their fire and rescue service. These can unlock vital safety help, advice and solutions, while offering help from a range of organisations.

Fuel poverty

It is estimated one in four UK households are in fuel poverty and it is reported that the current cost of living issues could push more households into fuel poverty, leading to more fire risks. People are encouraged to ensure they have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms fitted. As many people look to reduce heating bills fire services want to ensure people are keeping warm safely. Products such as portable heaters and electric blankets must be in good working order, not subject to any recalls and used correctly.

Home Safety Visits

As the cost of living increases across the entire UK, we are offering help and advice to help people stay safer in their homes. This ranges from simple steps such as smoke detection and checking electrical items to how fire services can assist people who are more vulnerable. While we understand the pressures people are currently facing and affordability is a major factor for many, we are hoping that by giving practical help and advice, we can raise awareness and offer useful assistance. Prevention work is at the heart of all fire and rescue service work and we are here to help. 

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