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Wealden bin strikes

Date : 03 May 2022


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are aware of local strike action by refuse collectors across the Wealden District started yesterday (2nd May).

To ensure the safety of the community, we request all residents and businesses to remain vigilant, careful and considerate when disposing or storing refuse and recycling. If you have no means of disposing of your rubbish and need to store it, please store it responsibly and don’t pile it up.

Refuse and bin fires can quickly get out of control, putting people’s lives and property at risk.

Group Manager Fleur Wilks advises: “With the potential build-up of refuse across the Wealden area, there is an increased risk of fire which could impact on the safety and wellbeing of our local residents. It is therefore important to ensure robust monitoring and management of waste by both residents and responsible persons. Safe management, ensuring waste is not stored against buildings, vehicles or structures, will prevent any additional risk being imposed during this time. We ask those of you with internal refuse storage facilities to be particularly vigilant.”

Safety tips

Help us to keep you and your property safe by following our safety tips:


  • Warn other people if a fire breaks out. Then get out, stay out and call the Fire and Rescue Service out by ringing 999.
  • Store your rubbish in a secure area if possible
  • Ensure any ignition sources are kept away from any refuse build up.
  • Keep your garages, shed and storage areas locked.
  • Consider installing additional security measures 


  • Allow rubbish to block escape routes
  • Store rubbish by doors, windows or any other openings
  • Store bins or sacks up against your home as fire can quickly spread to buildings
  • Smoke in or around storage areas
  • Place hot items in a bin, for example:  smoking materials, hot embers from coal/wood, hot ash etc.
  • Fly-tip materials or leave rubbish to build up outdoors – it could start a fire

Further advice during this period of industrial action can be found here: Wealden District Council

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