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Yes You Can- On-call firefighters

Date : 26 July 2022

Yes you can

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is recruiting a new generation of on call firefighters this summer and invites you to find out more! 

On-call firefighters are ordinary people that combine their day jobs with being on call for Fire and Rescue situations and emergencies. When the call comes in, they drop what they are doing and become part of the East Sussex Fire and Rescue team. The table below shows where we are looking to recruit.

It's an important commitment, but an immensely rewarding way to serve the community, keep the public safe and earn an extra income. This opportunity is open to all, irrespective of sexuality, race, or gender, as long as you have the right natural ability and qualities that we are looking for: amongst those are team work, enjoyment of engaging with the public and a willingness to learn.

During the session, you will learn:-

  • More about our work at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
  • What makes a good on call firefighter
  • The recruitment and training process  

Community engagement is key in keeping people safe and a diverse workforce will help with that and ensure that we bring different views and experiences together, in a bid to serve the wider community.

The recruitment process is open to all, but we are particularly keen to hear from people who identify as women, ethnic minorities and LGBT+ as these groups are currently underrepresented in our service. 

While we can teach you the practical skills needed for a successful career, on call firefighters need a combination of physical strength and stamina, strength of character, and compassion. Also important are confidence, resilience, an ability to communicate effectively, and a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Some of this we can teach you, some of it is already inside of you – join us to find out more!  

Book a space & further information

Book your space here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/yes-you-can-on-call-firefighter-recruitment-tickets-389257759437

Please let us know if you have any questions about accessibility by contacting: communications@esfrs.org 

You can find out more about the job here: www.esfrs.org/rds


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