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Franky Says...

Full size Franky

"Let's learn about how we can keep safe.

"There are lots of fun games and activities to choose from.

"Ask to print them out at school or home, to do on your own or with friends.

"Activities for matches & lighters, BBQs and Candles are based around real fires."

Key Stage 1

Get out stay out bookmark

Activities and games as well as pictures to colour in, bookmarks and a socket overload calculator.

Key Stage 2

Franky Says KS3

Quizzes, challenges and games as well as activities and stories from the Black Museum.

Key Stage 3

Franky Says KS3

Information and activities about keeping you and everyone in your home safe and case studies from the Black Museum.

Teachers & Grown ups

Test your smoke alarm bookmark

Click here for a full list of resources and activities, links to the Black Museum and how to book up a school visit.

Dr Distractor.png

Did you take on Dr Distractor at one of our Open Days?

Well done!

We hope she isn't distracting you from keeping safe!

Download your certificate here.

Take on our new challenges!

Dr Distractor Maze
Dr Distractor Wordsearch
Dr Distractor Spot the Difference

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