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Our crew

Meet our Blue Watch Crew

They work together to help keep people safe, visiting homes, businesses and schools as well as going to rescue people at emergencies. 

They also love a giggle - as you can find out in their joke book!

And what about a game of Matching Pairs? Print out and play!

More activities can be found in our Kids Zone.

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Franky and crew
Crew Manager Nevin

Crew Manager Nevin

Loves most about the job: Leading a team of dedicated firefighters and going into local schools to talk about water safety

Hobby: DIY – she’s great at renovating her house!

Best piece of advice: Be extra careful around water and remember to stay with a grown up when you’re at the beach or near a river or lake.

Grown-ups: Read more about Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

Nevin has a water safety challenge for you

Download and print out her activity sheet and see how you do!”

Water Safety Worksheet.png

Firefighter Franky

Firefighter Franky 

Loves most about the job: The variety of doing different things on different days.

Hobby: Cooking – safely of course – no burnt pans here!

Best piece of advice: If you’re in the kitchen and a grown-up is cooking, let them concentrate so your dinner doesn’t get burnt!

Grown-ups: Read more about cooking safely

Fancy a challenge?

Franky has and activity sheet about home safety for you do.  Just download and print it.

Home Safety Worksheet.png
Franky Joke.png

Firefighter Theo

Firefighter Theo

Loves most about the job: Meeting people and helping them make their homes safer.

Hobby: Playing in a local band, watching rugby and going on social media

Best piece of advice:  Make sure you have your seatbelt on when you are in a car

Grown-ups: Read more about road safety

Theo has a road safety challenge for you! 

Download and print out his activity sheet and see how you do!

Road Safety Worksheet.png
Theo Joke.png

Firefighter Willow

Firefighter Willow

Loves most about the job: All the different pieces of equipment she has to use to help others at emergencies. 

Hobby: Para-gliding off the local hills and reading 

Best piece of advice: Make sure you have smoke alarms in your home and that they work properly.

Grown-ups: Read more about smoke alarms

Willow' On-call Firefighter activity sheet

Download and print it out, you can be a firefighter.

On Call Recruitment Worksheet.png
Willow Joke.png

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