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Road Safety

  • 2626 people were casualties on the roads of East Sussex in 2017.
  • 32 were killed and 528 people were seriously injured.
  • With an estimated population of 800,000 in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove, this means 1 in every 278 people were killed or injured in road traffic collisions.
  • An average of 8 injuries per day and a person killed every 11 days in a Road Traffic Collision.
Drive safely written on road

Drink/Drug Driving

Keys and drink

Driving after drinking or using drugs can have devastating consequences.


motorbike wheels

Aiming for a reduction in motorcycle related fatalities and serious injuries.

Project EDWARD


Project Edward aims that no one should die on the roads of Europe on 21 September each year.

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Damaged car

Aiming to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on the road.

Operation Crackdown

Operation crackdown

Giving you the opportunity to report anti-social driving/riding as well as abandoned vehicles.

Tyre Safe

Wheels on rainy road

Dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of using defective or illegal tyres. 

Summer Driving

Deer in woodland small

Winter Driving

Winter Driving Small

Driving In Severe Weather

Driving In Severe Weather small

Figures shown were recorded between Nov 2016 and Oct 2017 and taken from Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) Data Portal

Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) have reduced by 8.9% between 2014 and 2015

*Data obtained from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) Data Portal

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