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Safer Roads

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Driving in heavy rain

The Fatal Four

 These are the most common causes of road accidents. Take the advice and stay safe on the road.

1 - Speed Limit

Inappropriate speed

Drivers and riders who are travelling at inappropriate speeds are more likely to crash 

2 - Drive Texting

Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Using a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone whilst driving is a significant distraction.

3 - Seat belts

Not wearing a seatbelt

Seatbelts are designed to retain people in their seats, and so prevent or reduce injuries suffered in a crash.

4 - Drink Drive

Drink/drug driving

Often it is an innocent person who suffers, not the driver who is drink/drug driving


Exchanging Places 

One of the most common causes of serious injury and death to cyclists is collisions involving heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s).  

Exchanging places is an initiative to encourage responsible cycling and to raise awareness of HGV/PCV blind spots to cyclists, drivers and pedestrians 

Concerned about speeding in your area?

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. 

Real life stories

Ali's story

  • Meet Ali - who tragically lost her son in a fatal crash. Watch on YouTube. 

Josh's Story

  • In “Josh’s Story” Josh and his mum Tina Black explain how their lives have been affected after Josh was involved in a road traffic collision – and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Watch Josh's story on YouTube.

Seasonal Road Safety Advice


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