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Joint Fire Control

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Who answers 999 requests for the Fire Service?

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is part of a tri-service partnership with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. 

The Joint Fire Control is located in Salfords, Surrey. 

It is crewed 24/7, working in shifts. Operators are all trained to give valuable life-saving advice over the phone to callers such as; 

  • fire survival guidance,
  • what to do in the event of an accident in a car or a marauding terrorist incident

You can find out more about the mobilising roles here.

Knowledge and Technology

To find out where an incident is Operators will ask callers questions relevant to the situation to make sure that they send the right fire appliance, specialist rescue units and/or Fire Officers.

Operators use their knowledge of East Sussex and Brighton and Hove along with other location aids such as

  • mobile triangulation or a
  • apps such as What3words 


Support and Liaison

As well as answering the emergency calls and providing advice, they monitor messages from the incident ground, provide invaluable support to attending crews and liaise regularly with other emergency and non-emergency control rooms such as the Police and Ambulance or local councils

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