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  • Book a visit to your class or classes by one of our specialist education officers

  • Fire Cadets

    If you're between 13 and 17, join our Fire Cadets! you’ll make new friends, have loads of fun and learn about what it means to be a firefighter and make a positive impact on your community.

  • Do you have concerns about a young person and fire? We can help with:

    • Firesetting
    • Hoax/Malicious calls
    • Fear of fire
    • Other fire related concerns
  • Home Educated and Special Educational Needs

    Support is offered to children and young people outside the school system. Bespoke safety education sessions can be delivered to home educated groups in the community. Children are offered the opportunity to attend events such as Safety In Action.

  • Our Education and Youth Engagement sessions are offered in different settings to support children with additional needs.

  • Safe Drive Stay Alive

    An educational experience that teaches young people not only the dangers but also the consequences, of poor and dangerous driving.

  • Safety in Action’ events help children to keep themselves and others safe. through interactive scenarios

  • Through Youth engagement projects we aim to help young people make positive choices to keep themselves and others safe.

  • Water Savvy Water Safe Listing

    An water safety education programme aimed at yr. 11 & 12 students, as well as Universities.

  • A range of useful resources for children to learn about keeping safe.