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Watch Out

Watch Out is our early intervention programme for children and young people who are at risk of underachievement in their learning and/or need help to get back on track. It aims to promote:

  • Improved aspirations;
  • Stronger personal resilience;
  • Improved understanding of emotions and ability to respond more positively to them;
  • Working positively with others within their communities;
  • Improved engagement and achievement in their learning at school.

It is for 11–16-year-olds who may:

  • be at risk of exclusion from school;
  • be refusing to attend school for any reason, including mental health issues such as anxiety;
  • be electively home educated (EHE) and at risk of underachieving;
  • Have been arrested for any crime suitable for an out of court disposal through Community Resolutions or Youth Conditional Cautions.

It is delivered through a mix of classroom learning and practical activities.

If you’d like to refer a young person or find out more, please e-mail 

This project is supported by funding from the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner.