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Every role in East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service exists to help make communities safer. 

We have a wide range of roles within the Service - from firefighters, crew and watch managers to finance, HR, and procurement experts.

All of our staff are passionate about serving our communities and, ultimately, helping create safer people and safer places. If you are also passionate about making East Sussex and Brighton and Hove a safer place to live, work and visit, consider joining our family by taking a closer look at our current vacancies.

  • Support Staff

    We have a wide range of support roles from conducting Home Safety Visits, marketing the Service to the community, co-ordinating training or running payroll.

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    Currently Recruiting

    You may not be looking for a career move, but you could train to be an On-call (RDS) Firefighter & respond to incidents in your local community.

  • Wholetime Firefighters

    Our firefighters serve the communities of East Sussex and the City of Brighton and Hove through community work promoting safety and by responding to incidents. 

    We are not currently recruiting for full time firefighters.

  • Volunteers

    A little of your time can mean a lifetime of safety for someone living in your community. 

    YOU can make a difference in your local community.

  • Operational Transfers

    Applicants for these jobs must already be an operational members of staff in the National Fire & Rescue Service.

Employee Benefits 

There are many good reasons why working for East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service makes sense.

As well as the more obvious ones such as job satisfaction, competitive pay and great terms and conditions, there are also lots of other benefits which make us an employer of choice.

Link to our commitment to positive action
Read about our commitment to positive action, click on the image above


We have a short online learning module, it may be useful in helping you to prepare for a job interview.

When you click the link to the course below you will be taken to a log in area.

1) Click on "Support & Login Options"

2) This will expand the box, click on "Login as a guest."

You will then be taken directly to the course.