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Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme

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Care Providers Scheme

  • This is a partnership between East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) and groups that help people in East Sussex.
  • We want to make communities safer and help people live safe and independent lives.
  • The scheme gives fire safety advice to people who work or volunteer to help residents of East Sussex, Brighton and Hove.

Being a member of the scheme

  • If you're a member, you and your team will learn how to spot fire risks in a home.
  • You can also get FREE Home Safety visits to help people live safely and independently.
  • This is good for your organization because it lets you give extra safety help to your clients at no cost.

Fire Safety Awareness session

  • We will give a Fire Safety Awareness session (online or in person) to your staff or volunteers.
  • This session is free and will teach you about fire risks in a home, what to do, and how to get a Home Safety Visit from the Fire Service.
  • We will also give you all the documents you need to refer someone to our service.

The Scheme is managed by ESFRS staff

  • The people who run the scheme have passed criminal record checks and are very experienced.
  • Being a member of the scheme lets you show that you care about your clients' safety.
  • You will get a membership certificate and can use the "We Care" logo.

Benefits for your customers

  • If you refer someone to us, we will arrange a home safety visit to give them fire safety advice.
  • Our specially trained staff can give advice on many things, like bedtime routines, escape routes, electrical safety, and special equipment.
  • They can also fit smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and other special equipment if needed.
  • Our staff can also give advice or refer people to other services to help with things like trips and falls, heating, security, disabilities, hygiene, and general support needs.

What do you need to do? 

  • To join the scheme, you need to fill out, sign, and return the membership application.
  • We will need to train your staff (or a group of your staff) about fire safety. This takes about two hours and all staff will get a certificate.
  • We may invite a key member of your organization to a meeting to talk about the scheme and give us feedback.