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Publication of Information

East Sussex Fire Authority is fully committed to the principles of being proactive, open and transparent about everything it does.

In light of this our website carries a wealth of information in line with some legal requirements including:

Local Government Transparency Code

Designed to make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision-making process and help shape public services.

Freedom of Information Act

The Act means that we must be transparent and proactive about what we publish and to comply we are placing an increasing amount of information on our website.

Financial Information

We publish a range of information which explains how we use public money to provide services to our communities

Finding Information

Be assured that we are providing the information as required but there are overlaps and duplications between the various schemes which can make the data hard to find.

To improve this situation, we no longer indicate to which legislation a piece of information ‘belongs’. Instead, we have structured the information by grouping it by subject matter.

Information about East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service on the FireEngland Website