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Counter fraud

Whistleblowing, fraud, bribery and corruption – strategy and policy documents

Anti-fraud, bribery and corruption strategy

We are committed to protecting public money. This means preventing fraud, bribery and corruption so that public money is used to provide quality services to the community. People are entitled to expect the Fire Authority to work with integrity, honesty and openness.

The strategy below sets out how the Authority will prevent, detect, deter and investigate fraud, bribery, corruption and other wrongdoing.

Whistleblowing – our confidential reporting policy

This policy applies to all employees and contractors and their staff working for the Fire Authority including agency staff.

The document includes details about what sort of concerns should be reported, anonymous reporting, the procedures for making a report, and what we will do after we receive it.

How to report your suspicions

If you know of a fraud or something else seriously wrong within the Authority, please let us know: 

This policy provides a clear framework which is intended to give people the confidence to raise workplace concerns without fear of reprisal or victimisation.    

Whistleblowing Policy

This document sets out the Fire Authority's policy and strategy for preventing and detecting fraud, bribery and other wrongdoing.

How to tell us about fraud, corruption or wrongdoing

If you think someone is committing fraud against the Fire Authority, or if you have evidence of bribery, corruption or other wrongdoing, please tell us, whether the people concerned work for us or not.

We will keep what you tell us confidential and we will investigate the situation thoroughly and fairly.

By phone

You can leave a message on our Confidential Reporting Hotline. You can do this without leaving your name if you wish. Dial 01273 481995.

If you wish to speak directly with someone you can call the Head of Internal Audit on 01273 481447.

By email

Email our reporting hotline:

By writing

If you wish to tell us in writing please write to either of the following:

  • The Assistant Director – Resources/Treasurer
  • East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Church Lane 
  • Lewes 
  • East Sussex 
  • BN7 2DZ 
  • The Deputy Monitoring Officer
  • East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Church Lane 
  • Lewes 
  • East Sussex 
  • BN7 2DZ 

By writing to an independent organisation

If you would prefer to tell an independent organisation you can contact either of the following:

The Authority’s external auditor:

  • Helen Thompson | Associate Partner | UKI Assurance - Government & Public Sector  
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Grosvenor House, 
  • Grosvenor Square, 
  • Southampton 
  • SO15 2BE
  • Office: +44 (0) 23 8038 2000 

Protect – a registered charity whose services are free and confidential:

Preventing fraud by matching data with other organisations

Data matching involves comparing records held by one body against other records held by the same or another body. Computerised data matching allows fraudulent claims and payments to be identified.

The Audit Commission (this responsibility now lies with the Cabinet Office) requires us to share certain data for this purpose and we follow their code of practice, which you can download below. 

The purpose of this Code of Data Matching Practice is to help ensure that the Commission and its staff, and auditors who are involved in data matching exercises comply with the law, especially the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, and to promote good practice in data matching.