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Provision of Risk Information

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 (the Regulations) have been introduced as an important step towards implementing the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report.

More information about the relevant legislation can be found here.

The Regulations require Responsible Persons(RP) to identify and inform anyone who needs to know about fire risk.

Video information

We have a series of short videos to support business owners/ responsible persons achieving compliance with the Fire Safety England Regulations 2022

This includes.

  • Providing fire risk information regarding evacuation procedures to residents in a format they will understand.
  • Giving the Fire and Rescue Service current risk details to help them plan and respond to emergencies.
    This means sharing floor plans, details about outside wall materials (if relevant), and any defective key equipment like fire lifts if they will be defective for more than 24 hours.
  • Providing information about fire safety management and building safety compliance measures to the Fire and Rescue Service

To help us with this new requirement, Responsible Persons should use the forms below to provide this critical information.

Provision of information about the fire safety management and building safety compliance measures to the Fire and Rescue Service should be provided on the following email:

The email should be titled BSA information with the name and address of the building clearly marked.

Further details about the information required in relation to fire safety management and building safety compliance can be found on our workplaces page.

Use this form to provide details of the design and materials of a high-rise building’s external wall system.

If you have any documents in support of the information provided on this form, please email it to
Please include your name in the documents file name.

Use this form report any defective fire lifts or equipment as soon as possible after detection if the fault cannot be fixed within 24 hours.

Use this form to report details of the rectification of a previously reported fault.

Supporting Documents

The RP must send electronic floor plans to their local Fire and Rescue Service. Details on what should be shown on these plans can be found on the following webpage Fact sheet: Floor plans and building plan (regulation 6) - GOV.UK ( For ESFRS these plans must be emailed to the following email address -

Risk information can only be submitted via these forms.  We cannot accept printed copies.

Hard Copy of Plans

Besides the online risk details, the RP in high rise residential blocks keep a printed copy of floor plans in a Safe Information Box on site. The Fire and Rescue Service will use this box as a backup when they arrive at an emergency if the electronic data isn't available

The Regulations apply to England only. The Regulations can be found at on the UK Government website. 

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