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Want to know what’s happening in your area?

Our social media  pages are places where you can get to know us better, receive updates about incidents, see more about what we do in your communities and get important information and advice. We want it to be a place where everyone feels safe and able to contribute to discussions, so we have a number of rules covering what we won’t accept. These rules are subject to change.  

Comments and private messages

We love talking to you and welcome your feedback but please do not post any comment or message that:  

1. Is abusive, defamatory, threatening, racist, homophobic, transphobic, obscene, sexist, discriminatory, religiously offensive or generally rude. This includes anything containing profanities, which will be automatically hidden. We will report posts to the police if we believe a hate crime has been committed.

2. Includes links to anything considered to be spam or malicious software (phishing, spyware, etc.) or are notably unrelated to the original post.

3. Includes false or misleading information.

4. Violates any UK law or regulation, including copyright law and intellectual property rights.

5. Are persistent or repetitive (nuisance or malicious), the volume of which could affect our service to other people.

6. Breaches Facebook Terms of Service.  The Terms of Service can be found here:

7. Breaches Twitter Terms of Service. The Terms of Service can be found here: 

You are responsible for what you write, and anything you write is public. Any views you express on our page are yours and not those of East Sussex Fire and Rescue. We do not endorse or support any opinions made on our page other than those made by us. 

Please contact if you spot a post you are concerned about.

Breaching our rules

  • We will hide messages which we believe breach our rules.
  • If your comment breaches our rules you will be warned only once, if you breach them again you risk being banned from our page.
  • If your comment/message violates UK law it will be recorded and we will forward details on to the relevant agency to investigate.
  • If your comments/messages result in a breach of rule 5 you may be liable to prosecution under the Malicious Communications Act, Sec. 5 of the Public Order Act.

Stop the Hate

If you have experienced or witnessed something you believe is an Online Hate Crime or Online Hate Speech, there are some simple steps you can take and people you can talk to. How to Report Online Hate - Stop Hate UK

Reporting breaches of Facebook Terms and Policies

If you’ve seen something on Facebook that you think is wrong and breaches their terms and policies, you should contact Facebook here:

Reporting breaches of Twitter Terms of Service

If you’ve seen something on Twitter that you think is wrong and breaches their terms and policies, you should contact Twitter here:

Reporting fires or requesting help with an incident

Please do not use our social media pages to report a fire or to request help with an incident. If you need to report something to us please call 999 in an emergency or for non-emergency enquiries, please call 0303 999 1000.

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