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Home Safety Visits

Home Safety Visit Fitting a Smoke Alarm

Even little things can make your home much safer for you and your family. You can ask for a home safety visit or learn about simple steps you can take yourself.

What happens when we receive your request for a Home Safety Visit?

  • We will contact you to find a good time and date to visit or call you.
  • We will ask you some easy questions about your house and who lives there.
  • This helps us decide who to visit or call first.

Can you contact us on behalf of someone else? 

  • Yes, you can! But make sure you ask their permission first.
  • Also, let them know that we will ask them a few questions.

Do we fit free smoke alarms?   

  • We give free smoke alarms to those who need them the most.
  • We can also give advice and help with special alarms.
  • Don't be shy to contact us.
Home Safety Visit Booklet

Home Safety Booklet

This is a simple guide that collects important safety information from different places.

It helps keep your home and family safe

  • This guide is especially helpful for keeping your home and family safe, especially children.
  • The booklet also covers other topics like mental health, wellbeing, dementia, and cost of living.
  • The guide can be helpful for everyone, even families who have someone with dementia.
  • The guide also has a page with useful phone numbers for extra help.
  • Overall, this guide is a useful tool for staying safe and healthy at home.

Online home fire safety check

Why not try the online home safety check its quick and easy and will offer advice to make your home safer

Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme

For people who provide care and support in the community, sign up to the Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme

Do you have an Emergency Services alarm, pendant or bracelet?

Please ensure you wear it at all times so we know when you need us. 

These systems provide Emergency 24/7 response through the press of a button.

It’s particularly helpful if you're at risk of a fall or possible fire in your home. It aims to give you the reassurance and confidence you need to live safely and independently in you own homes.

They are designed to be discreet and unseen until required, and can be worn around the neck or around the wrist, wherever is most comfortable.