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Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to making our communities safer. We will achieve this by proactively approaching everything we do with fairness and impartiality, engaging and supporting all aspects of diversity in our communities.

We welcome and appreciate differences.

Diversity helps create the strongest team possible for our service and helps us connect more easily with everyone in the communities we serve. 

Simply put, it makes us more effective and efficient.

We continually develop our relationships with partner groups, so we are able to “hear” those whose voice might be quieter.  

This is everyone’s responsibility and we work hard to make sure that every contact counts and every opportunity is taken to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. 

We Support...

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Our focus

We have identified five areas to focus on:  

  • Knowing your communities    
  • Leadership, partnership and service commitment  
  • Community engagement and satisfaction    
  • Responsive services
  • A skilled and committed workforce 

If you have any ideas for us or you would like to be part of our External Reference Group, please contact communications@esfrs.org

Read our: 

Did you know....?

In East Sussex  

  • Children and young people now account for a smaller proportion of the population (16%) than in 2001 (18%), 
  • While those of pensionable age (65+) still account for nearly 23%, far higher than regional and national comparisons. 

  • Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups account for 8% of the County’s population. 

    The County has a higher proportion of married people (48%) and those who are registered in a same-sex civil partnership (0.3%), than regional and national comparisons.

In Brighton & Hove

  • Older people account for 13% of the population in Brighton and Hove, although this is lower than the national average (16%).

  • An estimated 15% of residents are lesbian, gay or bisexual and the City has the highest number of people in same sex partnerships and/or marriages of any area in England. 

  • 20% of the population are from a BME background and all minority ethnic  communities have grown significantly in number and proportion in the last decade.

Read our Religion, Belief and Culture in our Community guide.


Value difference

We will understand our workforce and community, drive positive change and outcomes keeping the whole of our community safer.

Be visibly inclusive

Demonstrating inclusive behaviour and leadership throughout the organisation. We will be known for valuing our workforce and the communities we serve.

Be attractive and accessible to all

We will foster good relationships and be able to engage effectively with diverse communities.

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Find out more

Gender Re assignment
Marriage & Civil Parnership
Pregnancy & Maternity
Religion or Belief
Sexual Orientation

Join us!

Our staff are passionate about serving our communities. If you're interested in joining our team, please look at our Careers page.

Equality Act & Public Sector Equality Duty

We need to meet our obligations in relation to the Equality Act 2010, under which we have a legal duty to promote equality, and the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The legislation covers the Protected Characteristics

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18 June 2019
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