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Protected Characteristic - Age

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The Act defines age by reference to a person's age group and when it refers to people who share the protected characteristic of age, it means they are in the same age group.

An age group can:

  • mean people of the same age or a range of ages
  • be wide such as 'people under 50'
  • be narrow such as 'people in their mid-50s' or people born in a particular year
  • be relative, such as 'older than me' or 'older than us'
  • be linked to actual or assumed physical appearance which may bear little relation to chronological age such as 'the grey workforce'. 

A person could therefore belong to various age groups: a 19 year old could, for example, belong to groups that include 'young adults', 'teenagers', 'under 50s', 'under 25s' or '19 year olds'.

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11 August 2020
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