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We offer support mechanisms to our staff, ranging from Staff Networks to health management and we have a chaplaincy service. 

What is a Chaplain? What do they do?

Essentially a spiritual representative, Chaplains may or may not be certified, have a theological education, be ordained or commissioned by a particular denomination, but many are. 

The term Chaplaincy, traditionally associated with representatives of the Christian faith, is now used for representatives of any faith. 

Some are expected to represent multiple faiths, acting as a sort of neutral resource serving the spiritual and emotional needs of others.

They might perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer communion, deliver spiritual messages, offer prayer at public meetings, provide regular counselling or meet the needs of the moment, usually through listening and perhaps a prayer. 

Chaplains may also function as advocates; hospital chaplains, for example, may make requests of a nurse to help meet a particular patient's needs; military chaplains may provide for marriage enrichment retreats.

They work in many environments, most commonly attached to the military, hospitals, law enforcement, fire services, political bodies, sports teams and to educational institutions. 

Some corporations, music groups, and even households (historically the nobility, and now certain monarchs), may also employ Chaplains.

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Our Chaplains

Hailsham & Hertsmonceux -  Reverend Peter Clark

peter clark

Reverend Peter Clark was born South London but now lives in Hailsham.

After a long career in the Royal Navy, Peter spent 19 years as a parish minister, mostly in rural areas in Sussex, before retiring in 2008. 

Peter also serves a Deputy Senior Chaplain to the South East Coast Ambulance Service, Padre to Hailsham 249 Air Training Corps, and Chaplain to Hailsham Royal British Legion. 

Peter links with Hailsham Fire Station primarily but can be contacted:  

Tel: 07742 650528 or 01323 841809

Email: clucksville@tiscali.co.uk or Peter.Clark@esfrs.org

Buddhist & Multifaith Contact - Jacquetta Gomes Bodhicarini Upasika Jayasili

Jacquetta Gomes Bodhicarini Upasika Jayasili

Jacquetta Gomes, Bodhicarini and Sangha Authorized Dhamma Teacher in Theravada Buddhism.

A pioneer of Buddhist Fire Chaplaincy worldwide, Jacquetta also serves as a Chaplain for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Fire Fighters Charity at Jubilee House in Cumbria.  Jacquetta can be contacted at:

Email: Jacquetta.gomes@esfrs.org

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19 December 2018
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