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Fire Doors and Compartmentation

The Importance of Fire Doors in UK Businesses

Fire doors play an indispensable role in the safety protocols of a UK business, significantly bolstering its fire safety infrastructure. Acting as a protective barrier, they not only curtail the spread of fire and smoke within a premise, but also provide a safe evacuation route for occupants. Conforming to British standards, these doors are not just a regulatory compliance, but an imperative measure in safeguarding your assets, your employees, and your business as a whole. In the grand scheme of things, fire doors are more than just doors; they're life-saving apparatus, underpinning the very essence of a secure business environment.

Where : All buildings other than single private dwellings.


  • CERTIFICATION: Look for a label or a plug to show that the door is certificated and check the
    instructions/certificate supplied.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Essential Ironmongery such as locks, latches, closers and hinges MUST be CE marked, firmly
    fixed with no missing screws and compatible with the door leaf’s certification. The choice of frame lining,
    casing and intumescent/smoke seals (fitted at the top and sides of the door) should also be compatible.
  • ALTERATIONS: Cutting apertures for glazing and air transfer grilles will make certification VOID as will
    trimming the door more than is permitted or planing off certification markings.
  • GAPS: The gap between door and frame at the top and sides should be 2- 4 mm and the threshold gap as per
    manufacturers instructions (typically around 8-10 mm).
  • OPERATION: Check that the closer shuts the door onto the latch from any position.


Fire doors play a major role in the fire safety and protection of ALL buildings covered by the Fire Safety Order and it is important that fire doors are inspected correctly and maintained in order to ensure


Regular maintenance, visual checks and physical use of the door/s should take place to ensure correct operation. Open, close, look and listen for smooth operation and ensure the door closes from any position.

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