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Have-a-go days

We run Have-a-go days to allow you to find out more about being a firefighter. 

Here’s the sort of thing you can expect – as tried out by our Communications Manager at Burwash Community Fire Station!

Task one

The aim was to carry a length of hose 30 metres.

Elizabeth’s verdict: “Uses your core muscles as much as those in your arms. Found it reasonably easy and am not that fit!”

Ease of task: 9/10 

Task two

The aim was to drag a dummy weighing 55kg while walking backwards for 15 metres - a shorter course that for the actual firefighter tests.

Elizabeth’s verdict: “Ok so this was a bit odd as I can be quite clumsy and wouldn’t choose to walk backwards anywhere anyway! 

But with help and encouragement from Matt, I managed it and even had a smile on my face at the end.”

Ease of task: 7/10 (who walks backwards on a regular basis anyway???)

Task three

The aim was to lift a 15kg weight.

Elizabeth’s verdict: “Yup – I could do this one. Never lifted a weight like this before but all good! Was given a tip from Matt about how to hold it to make it easier.”

Ease of task: 10/10

Task four

The aim was to navigate my way under a set of tables covered in tarpaulin while wear a breathing apparatus cylinder of compressed air.

Elizabeth’s verdict: “I was told to repeatedly….. remember you’re a triangle now…. What they meant was that I needed to crawl along the floor because I didn’t fit through any other way.

I got the giggles when I had to turn a corner and emerged pretty much in a state of hysterics…. 

Being small and agile definitely has benefits on this one!”

Ease of task: 7/10 (but only because the laughing didn’t help!)

Task five

Climb a ladder, do a leg lock and climb back down. 

A leg lock is a way of hooking a leg onto the ladder so that a firefighter can work safely from the ladder with their hands free while eliminating the danger of falling.

Elizabeth’s verdict: “Climbing was no problem – I loved being able to see so much from up there! 

The leg lock was trickier.

As previously mentioned, I’m quite clumsy so my co-ordination at the top of the ladder was not great. 

In fact I gave up and came back down to do the leg lock – it’s apparently easier lower down as there is more room to get your leg through. 

Will have to practise more!”

Ease of task: 6/10