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Pension Board

The East Sussex Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Local Pension Board

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 introduced key provisions on scheme governance in relation to the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme and other public service pension schemes.

As a result the Fire Authority as a scheme manager for the FPS is required to have in place a local pension board.

The role of the board is to assist the scheme manager in complying with all the legislative requirements making sure the scheme is being effectively and efficiently governed and managed. 

 Governance arrangements                  




Responsible Body

National Level 

Provision of advice to the responsible authority, scheme manager and Local Pension Board.

Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Provision of advice to the responsible authority, scheme manager and Local Pension Board.

 Pension Advisory Board.

Regulation of all work-based pensions. 

The Pension Regulator (under the Department of Works & Pensions)

Local Level 

Scheme Manager for East Sussex Firefighters’ Pension Scheme.

East Sussex Fire Authority.

Operation of the Scheme and the exercise of discretions.

Chief Fire Officer & Chief Executive (discretions in consultation with the Treasurer).

Accountable Principal Officer.

Assistant Chief Officer.

Day to day management of the scheme.

Head of Human Resources.

Administration of the scheme.

West Yorkshire Pension Fund (Bradford)

Provision of advice and support to the Scheme Manager to secure compliance with scheme regulations and other relevant legislation, and with any matters imposed by the Pension Regulator.

Local Pension Board

Key documents & useful links                

The Pensions Regulator 

The Pensions Regulator is the UK regulator of work-based pension schemes. Their website has information about everything to do with work-based pension schemes.

Members of the East Sussex Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Local Pension Board for 2021/22

The board members work with the Fire Authority in its role as a scheme manager to make sure that the pension scheme is being properly run and that members receive the best service.

The board must have an equal number of employer representatives and scheme member representatives and elects a chair person from its members.


  • Councillor Pete West
  • Councillor Les Hamilton
  • Councillor Barry Taylor
  • Councillor David Tutt


  • Matt Lloyd (Fire Officers’ Association)
  • Mark Matthews (Fire Leaders' Association)
  • Justin Goodchild (Retained Firefighters’ Union)
  • Simon Herbert (Fire Brigades’ Union) 

The political balance rules do not apply to the Board as it is not a ‘committee’ for the purposes of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.

The Local Pension Board is not a decision-making body and is not a Panel of the Authority. However, in order that the deliberations of the Board can be brought formally to the Fire Authority, the Board reports to the Scrutiny & Audit Panel.

Professional Support to the Board:   

  • Duncan Savage – AD Resources/Treasurer
  • Liz Woodley – Deputy Monitoring Officer  
  • Democratic Services      

Professional support will also be given by other Officers of East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and Partner organisations as necessary.

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15 November 2021
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