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Tales of the Road

Our Tales of the Road surveys capture some of the stories from the perspective of the biker. 

What we asked

We asked how long people have been riding bikes, whether they have had a near miss or a road traffic collision and what advice would bikers give other road users. 

The most recent survey took place in spring/summer 2022.

What happens next?

This information is being used to help develop better road safety campaigns using the seven themes we have identified: 

  • Safety Theme 1 - Cars and other vehicles turning
  • Safety Theme 2 - People not looking properly
  • Safety Theme 3 - Road users stopping (or not)
  • Safety Theme 4 - Road conditions (especially potholes)
  • Safety Theme 5 - Give me space
  • Safety Theme 6 - Obey the rules of the road!
  • Safety Theme 7 ā€“ Remember Iā€™m human too!