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Fire Cadets

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If you are interested in joining Fire Cadets  please email fire.cadets@esfrs.org

Fire Cadets – age 13-17

If you're between 13 and 17, join our Fire Cadets! During your time on the programme, you’ll make new friends, have loads of fun and learn all about what it means to be a firefighter and make a positive impact on your community.

What do we learn about at Fire Cadets?

  • Fire Safety – learn how to keep yourself and others safe by understanding hazards, risks and control measures.
  • What to do in an emergency – learn about fire safety in the home and create your own fire plan as well as how we work with other emergency services.
  • Basic first aid – how to help people in an emergency.
  • Firefighting skills – what firefighters do, the equipment we use, and how we help others.
  • Life skills – how to be a positive citizen and an active member of your community.

What happens at a Fire Cadets session?

You will have the opportunity to develop transferable and practical skills that will help you with future training and employment.

What do we do?

  • Try out firefighting equipment and run drills – yep, you'll get to have a go with ladders and hoses!
  • Life skills – to equip you in the future.
  • Team building activities.
  • Get active – we learn about why it's important to keep fit and healthy.

When you reach 17 years old there may be an opportunity for you to become a young leader of the cadets.

Around one in five young people in the UK are not in work, education or training. Youth unemployment costs the UK economy millions a day in lost productivity. Our programme can help a young person gain qualifications whilst learning valuable life skills. Can you help us change a young person’s life? 

Do you know any young people (age 13–17) who are: 

  • Looking for support academically or socially?
  • Undecided orsure of their future?
  • Practically or vocationally inclined?
  • Interested in the fire service? 

If you are interested in joining Fire Cadets  please email fire.cadets@esfrs.org

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22 August 2019
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