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Our Work

We provide prevention, protection and response services to 812,514 people within the area of East Sussex and the City of Brighton & Hove, covering an area of 179,000 hectares.

Approximately a third of the population that we serve is within the heavily urbanised City of Brighton & Hove. We work within a large and diverse area on the south coast of England, covering rural locations as well as a busy city centre and urban seaside towns.    

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What we do at a glance

Prevention and Protection

We aim to prevent loss of life and injuries in our communities through the delivery of prevention and education programmes and protect our communities and the environment from fire and other risks. We work with local partners to run safety events and prevention campaigns and actively involve local communities wherever possible.

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We respond, along with our emergency service partners, to help people at a range of emergencies to save life, property and protect the environment.

These include

  • Fires in properties, cars, open spaces and at sea

  • Road traffic collisions

  • Other types of transport incidents 

  • Floods and other natural disasters 

  • Chemical spillages 

  • Building and trench collapses 

  • Lift and machinery entrapment 

  • Rescues at heights and from enclosed spaces

We also provide ‘humanitarian services’ including rescuing animals and protecting the environment.

Read more about our response and resilience commitments.

Responding to your emergency call

Whenever you call us in an emergency, your call comes into our East Sussex Fire Control, which then mobilises the nearest or most appropriate fire appliance, along with any other specialist vehicles/officers depending upon the problem.

In responding to your emergency call we aim to:      

  • Answer emergency calls within 5 seconds

  • Mobilise a fire appliance within 120 seconds or less  

  • Arrive at all life threatening incidents (road traffic collisions, when a person is trapped, or fires in domestic properties) within 8 minutes (60% of calls) and 13 minutes (90% of calls)
  • Arrive at all incidents in our boundary within 20 minutes (95% of calls)
  • Stop any fire in a domestic property spreading from the room in which it started on at least 94% of occasions

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