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Animal rescues


In 2018, we attended 172 animal rescues - 28 involving livestock, 35 involving wild animals and 109 involving domestic animals.

We have a specialist team for large animal rescues, these most frequently include cows, horses and sheep. 

The Animal Rescue team, based at Crowborough Community Fire Station, also work with local vets to raise awareness of how best to work together when dealing with an animal in distress. 

We also get 999 calls relating to smaller animals which may be in trouble such as birds trapped in netting. 

Getting advice

We ask that members of the public call wildlife or animal charities first for advice as they are the experts and may be able to assist. If we are needed, we can be contacted and we will assess the situation.  

We take into account whether the animals are trapped at height or are in inaccessible areas, and whether there is a risk that a member of the public will put themselves in danger to reach them. 


It should be noted that seagulls are a protected species and can also be very protective of their young. If a baby gull is trapped adult seagulls may swoop and attack people who may be in close vicinity. Therefore, to avoid placing members of the public in any danger firefighters will step in to rescue the distressed bird. 

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