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Getting Started In Fire Safety

Hello and welcome to your go-to source for all information regarding business fire safety in East Sussex.

This page serves as a thorough guide to understanding fire risk assessments, installation of early-warning systems, and guaranteeing effective emergency lighting.

It provides invaluable advice, sourced from experts, for business managers, property owners, or anyone simply interested in fire safety.

Fire safety goes beyond mere legal compliance - it is an affirmation of your dedication towards safeguarding lives.

Dive in, learn, and begin protecting your business premises with solid fire safety precautions today.

Early Warning for Fire
Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting operates when there's a mains supply failure. It's a fail-safe for continued safety and protects building occupants.

Notices and Signage

Fire Safety Signs are crucial in guiding occupants to evacuate the building safely, they direct people to firefighting equipment, information, and help avoid potential risks.

Multi Occupied & Residential Accommodation
Fire Doors and Compartmentation

Fire doors contribute to the safety measures of a UK business by enhancing fire safety infrastructure. Serving as a protective shield, limiting the spread of fire and smoke and providing a secure escape route.