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Home Safety Visits

Home Safety Visit Fitting a Smoke Alarm

Even small things can significantly improve your home's safety for you and your loved ones. Request a home safety visit or learn about easy steps you can take yourself.

What happens when we receive your request for a Home Safety Visit?

We will be in touch to arrange a suitable time/date to visit or call you. You will be asked a few simple questions regarding your property and who lives there. This will help us to prioritise our visits and calls.

Can you contact us on behalf of someone else? 

Yes – we would ask that you get their permission first and let them know that we will ask them a number of questions. 

Do we fit free smoke alarms?   

We provide free smoke alarms for those in the greatest need and can offer advice and support on specialist alarms. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Home Safety Visit Booklet

Home Safety Booklet

The new Home Fire Safety booklet is an easy-to-read guide that brings together important safety information from different sources. 

It helps keep your home and family safe, especially children.

The booklet also covers other topics like 

  • mental health,
  • wellbeing, 
  • dementia, 
  • and cost of living, 

which can be useful for everyone, including families with dementia patients.

It even has a contacts page with helpful phone numbers for extra support. 

Overall, the booklet is a handy resource for staying safe and healthy at home. 

Online home fire safety check

Why not try the online home safety check its quick and easy and will offer advice to make your home safer

Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme

For people who provide care and support in the community, sign up to the Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme