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Purpose and Commitments

Our Purpose and Commitments are at the centre of everything we do.

Whether responding to emergencies, working to prevent them happening in the first place or providing support, our firefighters, officers, control room operators, Business and Community safety teams, support staff and volunteers all play their part. 

We are proud to serve East Sussex and Brighton and Hove City. 

Our purpose

     We make our communities safer

Our Commitments     

Delivering high performing services

We will use our resources to achieve the best level of safety for people and businesses, by:  

  • Responding quickly to emergencies
  • Ensuring plans and resources are in place to provide a flexible, efficient and resilient response to emergency incidents 
  • Using intelligence and data to match resources to risk and demand.

Engage with our communities  

We will use our trusted reputation to deliver educational initiatives and campaigns, ensuring:

We collaborate with partners to promote home and fire safety, business safety, road safety, water safety, and health and wellbeing initiatives linked to core functions.

More people and businesses will be better prepared in an emergency situation.  

Have a safe and valued workforce 

We will ensure our people are safe and are provided with the right equipment, training and skills:  

  • Our workforce will be competent and able to deliver our purpose and commitments 
  • Our culture embraces change, reflects our values, promotes leadership and is inclusive. 

Making effective use of our resources 

We will become a more efficient service by:

  • Ensuring all our resources are managed effectively and focused on delivering our purpose and commitments
  • Improving our productivity
  • Seeking new sources of income and funding.

Our Values  

  • We are PROUD of the service we provide
  • We are ACCOUNTABLE for our actions
  • We show INTEGRITY in our work
  • We RESPECT our colleagues and members of the community

We are committed to the national Core Code of Ethics 

Living our values
Leadership and Behavioural Framework