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Wildfire Advice

Being outdoors is great for your health and wellbeing. Let's keep our countryside safe. 

We can’t control the weather, so the best way to prevent wildfires and grassfires breaking out is to be careful and responsible during hot and dry periods. The conditions make a fire more likely to start, so don’t provide the spark.

If you are out enjoying exercise or having a picnic in the countryside, check out our top tips:-

  • Don’t drop cigarettes or anything that is burning on dry ground.
  • Don’t drop cigarettes out of car windows, they may land on dry grass by the roadside.
  • Avoid having barbecues in parks and public spaces.
  • Never leave camp fires or barbecues unattended and extinguish them properly after you have finished using them.
  • Position your barbecue on level ground and keep it well away from anything that may catch fire.
  • Do not barbecue on balconies, the wind may carry smouldering ash towards nearby grassland If you’re barbecuing near dry grass have a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergency use.
  • Be aware that children, animals, balls or anything else may knock over barbecues, increasing the risk of grass fires, especially when in a busy parks or public spaces.
  • Dispose of glass bottles properly. Sunlight can become focused as it shines through glass, starting fires.
  • Keep children away from lighters and matches.

If a fire breaks out

If you see a fire in the countryside dial 999 immediately

  • Do not attempt to tackle the fire
  • Give a map reference if possible or land mark - you can also use apps like What3Words.
  • Wait for the arrival of the fire appliance or ranger in a safe location near a road or carpark.
  • Estimate the size of the fire if possible.
  • Don't tackle fires yourself. Always leave it to the professionals.

Keep your home safe: check for hazards 

Regularly inspect your home and property for fire hazards:-

  • Look out for exposed firewood, leaf and brush clutter and dead and overhanging branches.
  • Clear flammable debris – such as dead leaves – from rain gutters.
  • Check for spaces between roof tiles or within your home where burning embers could become lodged.
  • Make sure that flammable substances (including fertilisers and pesticides) are safely stored.
  • Check that all fire exits and property exit routes are clear.

Further information

The following links may provide additional information for those who are managing or living on properties in or close to the countryside.