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Community Volunteers

Many of our Community Volunteer applications and activities are on hold at this time due to Covid. We want to ensure we protect our Volunteers, the Community, and Fire Service Colleagues.

All of our Community Volunteer applications are currently on hold at this time due to Covid. We want to ensure we protect our Volunteers, the Community, and Fire Service Colleagues.

We would like to thank our existing volunteers for all the time, hard work, and support they have given. 

The Service continues to monitor the position during this time and we will continue to keep our web pages updated on any opportunities that may become available and how you can assist East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Needs You!

Volunteers wanted in your area

  • Do you care about your local community and want to help support people to continue to live independently at home?


  • Are you interested in supporting us spread the word to local communities on keeping safe from fire and road traffic incidents? 

Our Community Volunteers make a vital contribution by helping us provide fire and road safety information and practical support to the local community.           

We are looking to encourage more volunteers to support our already successful teams active throughout East Sussex and the City of Brighton & Hove.  

We have various roles available so, if you would like to find out more about how rewarding being a volunteer can be, please see the Role Descriptions and information on the links below. Alternatively, please call us on:

01323 462438

You can also find out more by looking on: www.facebook.com/esfrscommunityvolunteers


The Community Volunteers’ Scheme has just celebrated another successful year of providing volunteer support to the Fire Service. 

The scheme was created to support the Service’s work in achieving its vision of ‘safer and more sustainable communities.’  Volunteers make a vital contribution by helping ESFRS to provide fire, road and water safety messages, as well as supporting the local community and participating in initiatives, as well as local campaigns. 

Some of the targeted activities Volunteers have completed in the last year are: 

  • Community Fire Station Open Days - helping to run stalls, such as; the Black Museum, badge-making, Fire Fighters Charity, coaching for a safer community goal nets, refreshments, helping operate seatbelt machine, assisting on the interactive activities (e.g. children dressing as firefighters, looking around the fire station, working the fire hose), as well as generating referrals for Home Safety Visits (HSVs)
  • Coaching for Retained Duty System (RDS) applicants - two volunteers with teaching background, coach RDS applicants who have previously failed the test to increase their chances of passing. Another volunteer who is a retired firefighter uses his experience to illustrate scenarios for potential recruits
  • ESFRS Campaigns - electrical appliance safety, fireworks safety, cooking safety – distributing information to libraries, schools, community centres and doctors surgeries
  • ESFRS presence at community events (e.g. Older People’s Conference, Heathfield Farmers’ market) - have a stall with fire and road safety information and generate HSV referrals
  • Intelligence gathering - acting as eyes and ears in their local communities, identifying fire and road safety issues and reporting them to ESFRS to investigate (e.g. fire exits blocked in local shops, petrol cans stored outside)
  • Pride/Carnival - walking with fire appliances, handing out leaflets, collecting money for Fire Fighters Charity
  • Assisting with fire and road safety awareness - raising activities such as Community Safety Awareness Day, Safer Wealden Partnership Away Day
  • ESFRS Recruitment Campaigns - distribute recruitment materials in relevant areas (e.g. if looking to recruit in Burwash, place leaflets in the library, community centre, employers’ premises, a stall at a local event)
  • Operation Quality Street (community safety initiative, joint agencies target a residential area with a particular problem and spend the day in the area, talking to residents) - generate HSV referrals from residents
  • Safety in Action Weeks - assisting school children to move around the site, acting out fire safety and electrical safety scenarios
Volunteers montage
  • Taking part in large-scale joint training exercises (e.g. simulated rail crash, simulated fire in a secure residential centre, simulated fire in underground tourist attraction) - volunteers act as injured casualties/concerned bystanders/interfering relatives, helping to make the scenarios as realistic as possible
  • Electric Blanket Testing - help set up the venues in advance, welcoming attendees, take details of attendees, generate HSV referrals
  • Summer Fun and Safety Days - assisting organisers set-up, welcoming parents and children, helping run sports and arts activities, generating HSV referrals
  • 999 Emergency Services Weekends - assisting ESFRS with running their stalls (e.g. badge-making stall, Black Museum Stall, helping children sit in the fire appliances, generate HSV referrals)
  • Resilience Project - Working with vulnerable referrals from Adult Social Care, building up the resilience to enable referred clients to live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. 

We are proud that our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and have varying abilities, who are able to assist at many events, as well as fundraising activities.

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