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Home Safety Visits

We are committed to helping people stay safe in their homes. One of the ways we do this is by carrying out Home Safety Visits. 

These are offered to people who are most at risk from fires in their homes. 

Our specially trained staff will visit your home and give you advice on how to reduce the risk of having a fire. 

Contact us if you or someone you know would like to find out more.

What will happen when you contact us?

You will get through to one of our members of staff who will ask you a number of questions to find out if you are eligible for a visit.

What sort of questions will we ask you?

We ask a range of questions such as whether there are people over 65 or 80 in the property.

   Other questions include:

  • if there anyone in the premise who uses oxygen/air flow mattresses
  • is there anyone in the premise with any reduced mobility/disabilities?   
  • is there anyone on the premise with hearing/sight impairments?
  • is there anyone who smokes in the property?   

Can you contact us on behalf of someone else?

Yes – we would ask that you get their permission first and let them know that we will ask them a number of questions.

Do we fit free smoke alarms?

In some cases, yes, we will fit free smoke alarms.  

Apply for a Home Safety Visit

To see if you are eligible for a Home Safety visit please call us on 0800 177 7069 or complete and return the Home Safety Request form below and make your home a safer home.

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