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Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme

For people who provide care and support in the Community

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is committed to achieving safer and more sustainable communities. 

The Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme is for the benefit of residents of East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. It is a means by

which the Service can fulfil its statutory duty to promote fire safety. The Scheme itself is voluntary and operates

entirely on the basis of individual consent from both members and their clients.

Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme Logo

We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

By your organisation becoming a member of the ESFRS Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the organisation and its staff are making a valued, and extra, contribution to the safety and wellbeing of your clients, particularly those who are living independently.

Interested? This is how simple it is to contribute.

As a Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme member, ESFRS will provide, free of charge, awareness training to the organisation’s staff. Raised awareness will help them identify the common types of fire hazard in the homes of vulnerable clients. ESFRS will also provide all the referral documentation and access to our call & referral handling arrangements.

What do you need to do? 

To join the scheme all that is asked is that you complete, sign and return the enclosed membership application.

We will expect you to agree to allow us access to your staff (or sections of your staff if that is more appropriate) for the purposes of awareness training. A maximum of two hours is needed for that purpose and all staff will receive a certificate, which they may want to include in their training records. 

We may invite a key member of your organisation to an occasional members forum to discuss the scheme and for us to receive feedback from members.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

The Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme is, we believe, a readily available way for caring organisations to offer, through, ESFRS, additional safety measures at no cost to the client. 

The Scheme offers organisations an opportunity to raise the profile of its corporate social responsibility in a way that provides positive benefits to the organisation's clients. 

ESFRS believes the Scheme will help those who are most vulnerable to fire risk and will seek to promote the Scheme to other organisations. For that reason, we anticipate generating publicity for the scheme and we would be delighted if member organisations wished to participate in that process. 

All members of the Scheme will have a membership certificate and be able to use the Scheme’s “We Care” logo that recognises the organisation's contribution to fire safety in people’s homes.

Fire awareness training for staff may also prove to be a benefit in their workplace as well in the homes of clients. 

The Scheme is managed and operated by ESFRS staff who have enhanced criminal record bureau checks and who are very experienced in dealing with both agencies and member of the community.

Leave the rest to the Fire & Rescue Service

On receipt of your referrals (and with the clients permission) we will arrange a home safety visit to provide the occupier with fire safety advice tailored to their situation. We will also, where necessary, fit free smoke alarms.

ESFRS staff also assess needs other than fire safety that may affect the occupier’s ability to live independently and, again, with the occupiers permission, will refer to the relevant organisation to request further assistance where appropriate. 

With the help of other organisations we can action assistance with:

  • Home fire safety
  • Smoke alarms
  • Help with benefit claims, assistance with form filling and support throughout a claim.
  • Advice and practical assistance to overcome fuel poverty/heating difficulties, advice on affordable warmth.
  • Telecare and daily living assistance, with the help of current technology.
  • Hygiene and welfare
  • General support needs


Working in partnership we support:

  • The reduction of the risk of death and injury by fire.
  • The prevention of accidents in the home.
  • The ability of people to be able to live independently in their own homes.
  • A reduction in the needs for residential care or the need for hospitalisation.

Make the commitment and sign up to the Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service working in partnership to achieve safer and more sustainable communities.

For further information contact the Community safety Team

0800 177 7069

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