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Arson Reduction

Arson and deliberate fires are a problem for the Fire Service, the Police and the Ambulance Service. They endanger lives and divert valuable resources.

Arson often starts with a fascination for fire and progresses to lighting small fires but this can quickly escalate onto skips, cars, derelict properties and most disturbingly people's homes.

Working in close partnership with the Police, Crimestoppers, local authorities, neighbourhood watch schemes and other agencies we educate and aim to deter potential arsonists.


Children who play with fire are an increasing problem. Very often, the child's fire play begins from curiosity.

However, in some cases, the problem may be more deep-rooted.

The child may turn to fire to vent their feelings of frustration, anger or jealousy.

It may also be a very graphic cry for help with a specific but unspoken problem.

Unfortunately, many parents do not recognise the symptoms, even fewer the cause.

Further information 

Arson risk assessments

Simple risk assessments to reduce the risk of arson.

Sussex Crimestoppers

If you have any information about arson (deliberate fires) or any other crime please call Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit Sussex CrimeStoppers

 Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation

Tackle problems in your street head on and join/create your local neighbourhood watch scheme.

For more information go to Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation

Sussex Police
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