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Residential Care Homes

Whether it is at home or at work, fire safety matters to everyone.

Unfortunately, however, it is a sad fact that those in our society who are the most vulnerable, are also most at risk of being injured or dying in a fire.

In the case of residential care homes and also any other environments where vulnerable people will need to rely on others for their safety, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would in addition to general fire safety advice, like to highlight the following specific points:

  • Ensure that fire compartmentation is good and that fire will not spread. This may involve a more invasive fire risk assessment, especially in older buildings (looking above ceiling voids and under floors etc)  
  • Ensure that you have a comprehensive Fire Alarm system to BS 5839 Part 1 Category L1 standard 
  • Ensure there are sufficient trained staff /carers who know how to react in case of fire and who can safely evacuate at least one fire compartment 
  • Ensure staff are trained in using emergency evacuation devices (slides, evac chairs etc) 
  • If using beds to evacuate, ensure that they will actually fit through openings 
  • Ensure fire safety measures are in place at all times and not abused (never wedge fire doors open)  
  • Ensure exit routes are clear at all times and available for use  
  • Consider "mutual aid" from adjoining care premises (consult the Fire Service first) 
  • Take all measures possible to avoid a fire starting in the first place - visit our Black Museum to see some of the common and not so common causes of fire 
  • Fit a sprinkler system - it's like having a firefighter on duty 24/7 in every room!" 
  • Do not rely on the Fire Service to intervene - fire can spread quickly and it may take longer than you think for us to get to you. 

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15 May 2020
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