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Seat Belts

Seat belts and child seats are an important part of keeping you and your loved ones safe if the worst happens on the roads.

It doesn't matter how far the journey is... just belt up!

The facts

  • In a crash you are twice as likely to die if you don’t wear a seat belt.
  • Drivers and passengers aged 17-34 have the lowest seat belt-wearing rates, combined with the highest accident rate.
  • People are less likely to use seat belts on short or familiar journeys – putting them at serious risk of injury in a crash.

The law

  • If you are a driver or a passenger and fail to wear a seat belt in the front or the back of vehicles, you are breaking the law.
  • If you are caught without a seat belt, you will face on-the-spot fines of £100. If you are prosecuted, the maximum fine is £500.

Child car seats

The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child seat that is suitable for their weight and size. Even in a minor crash, an unrestrained child would be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others. They could be thrown from the car through one of the windows.

For more information on fitting child car seats, visit: www.rospa.com/road-safety/resources/films/child-car-seats/

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