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Pension Contributions During Absence

Absence on reduced or no pay

During paid maternity, paternity or adoption leave you would pay contributions on whatever rate of pay you receive; if a period of additional maternity or adoption leave is unpaid, you will have the option to pay contributions on the rate you were receiving immediately before pay ceased, in order to count that period as pensionable service.

If you have an unpaid period of absence for other reasons, you have the option to pay contributions based on the pay you would have received but for the absence in order that the period can count as pensionable service. But, in this case, you would be required to pay both the employee’s and employer’s contribution. 

Please note that if you choose to make additional contributions to cover a period of absence for any reason, you must inform East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, in writing, within certain timescales (e.g., 30 days or 6 months) upon your return to work. Please refer to the attached FAQ document for further details and speak to the Pensions Administrator if you have any questions.

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