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Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme

JESIP was officially launched at the Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Summit in November 2012.

The aim of JESIP is to ensure that the blue light services are trained and exercised to work together as effectively at all levels of command in response to major or complex incidents so that as many lives as possible can be saved.

What is JESIP?

JESIP is a two-year programme to improve the way the Police, Fire and Ambulance services work together when responding to major and complex incidents.

The programme is resourced and supported by three services via their respective professional bodies (Association of Chief Police Officers(ACPO), National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE). It is sponsored by the home office and has the full support of all relevant government departments.

Why has it been set up?

How the emergency services operate together has come under intense public scrutiny following the findings of a number of major incident reviews and inquiries. These reviews highlighted areas for improvement which JESIP analysed before planning its work programme accordingly.

What will JESIP do and when?

Whilst the initial focus has been on resolving issues around communication and information-sharing at the onset of a major incident, increasing the awareness of the roles of others and of the broader cultural change required across all services is a longer-term objective.

JESIP has a number of deliverables which form a legacy for the work it has initiated. They include:

  • Setting up sustainable tri-service governance arrangements

  • Establishing organisational learning arrangements

  • Further training and awareness products for:

    • Control room managers/supervisors

    • All levels of operational staff

  • Testing and exercising arrangements to provide assurance that interoperability is embedded

The initial focus of activity will be complete by September 2014.


JESIP Joint Doctrine

It is recognised that each service has its own well-defined role and supporting operating procedures. Key reviews have found that specific joint operating procedures were needed for Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

The ‘JESIP Joint Doctrine, the Interoperability Framework’ has been released and we are now investigating the changes needed in local procedures to ensure a ‘fit’ with this key document across the blue light services.

Joint Decision Model

A key element of the Joint Doctrine is the ‘Joint Decision Model’ helping tri-service commanders bring together available information, reconcile objectives and make effective decisions together.

JESIP Training Courses

Two one-day courses have been developed for priority command staff at both Operational and Tactical levels across East and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services.

The following members of staff across East and West Sussex, have been trained and certified to provide the training in conjunction with colleagues from Police and Ambulance and will carry out the training in 2014.

Station Manager's George O'Reilly, Chris Baker, Steve Clack and Keith Parvin

JESIP website

More information on all the above and copies of the Joint Doctrine are available on the JESIP website.

JESIP and East Sussex Fire & Rescue

A project has been initiated under the umbrella of the LRF with the aim of coordinating the JESIP deliverables into the three blue light services in Sussex with leads from Police, Fire and Ambulance.

The ’ Interoperability project’ aims to work beyond the final dates of the JESIP programme to continue work to further improve and embed interoperability into each service culture.

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