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Community Risk Management Planning

Community Risk Management Planning (CRMP) makes sure that we understand the risks faced by our communities and that we are taking appropriate action to reduce and to deal with those risks. 

Our current plan 2020-25

Planning for a Safer Future

We want to make sure we put our resources in the right place, at the right time to deal with emergencies and help prevent them in the first place through engagement and regulation.

This plan sets out how we will do this.

At the heart of these plans is a robust and detailed Operational Response Review Report

Through this process, we have assessed our community risks, using a range of sophisticated analytical tools to identify where incidents such as fires or flooding might happen, when they might occur and how serious they could be.

This allows us to target our resources, including firefighters and fire engines, most effectively, bringing about a better balance of prevention, protection and response. 

Public consultation 

Consultation on the 2020-25 Integrated Risk Management Plan has closed.

Public consultation ran from 23 April 2020 to 19 June 2020. You can read the report which details the results of the consultation process and also outlines how a number of the original draft proposals have been modified following public, stakeholder and staff feedback for Fire Authority consideration.  

Key Supporting Information

Station Risk Profiles

Previous IRMP Plans


2014 15 - 2016 17

2009 10 - 2011 12