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Cooker Cut Off Devices

Kitchen fires are expensive and dangerous. Spending a bit on a stove guard or cooker cut-off device can protect you, your family, and your home.

These can be installed to any electric hob or cooker. 

  • A sensor is mounted on the wall behind the hob or the cooker, or to the cooker hood, or the ceiling.
  • The sensor monitor’s the hob, sensing heat, the rise in heat, smoke, steam, and human presence. 
  • If it detects a dangerous situation it instructs the power control unit, which is fitted between the power output and the Hob to cut the power preventing a fire. 
  • It also detects if the hob has been left on after cooking, a pan boiling dry or food burning.  
  • They can also ensure that hobs are not turned on accidentally.  

Useful for homes with elderly individuals, Alzheimer's/dementia, disabilities, or learning difficulties.

Can link to telecare or Building Management System (BMS) to notify staff about power cuts for resident protection.

Prioritise exploring various options and professional fitting for those thinking of buying one.

How they work 

A stove guard will cut the power if: - 

  • The cooker/hob is inadvertently left on after cooking has finished. 
  • The temperature is rising too quickly
  • The temperature is becoming dangerously high
  • The hob/cooker has been left unattended
  • A pan has boiled dry
  • Food has started to burn. 

The sensor warns the user if a dangerous situation is likely to occur with a visual and audio alarm. 

If the user is not in attendance and does not take action and does not press the reset button on the sensor the power to the hob/cooker will be cut. 

More information 

For more information please contact or call 303 999 1000 and ask for Community Safety.

Sensor Unit

Sensor Unit


Wall mounted